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       ​          Michael J. Person​s

10th Degree Black Belt Grand Master​ of 7 Winds



                         ​                 Author Of:​

The 7 Secret Scrolls, The Cosmic Warrior And 

Sam Pai Kenpo


     My name is Michael J. Persons and I was born in San Francisco, CA. My wife Kalyani (Ka'uilani) is Hawaiian and was born in Honolulu, HI. We met 30,000  feet over California when she was a Flight Attendant with Air Cal and I was an Assistant Vice President for Union Bank. It was love at first sight...for me. For her, it took a bit longer, but not much as we were married within the year and have been inseparable ever since. We are blessed with a blended family of 4 wonderful daughters and their families who bring us immense joy. In August of 2004, we moved from Orange County, CA to the Hilton Head Island area. Living close to the water has always been important to us and we've enjoyed all the coastal areas we have resided in.

     I guess I have always loved to write. When I was 8 or 9 I ventured into writing adventure stories. I thought these were lost to time but when my mother passed away and I finally picked up some boxes she left me, I found the stories there with pictures and other childhood memories.

     My first published book was a Martial Arts instruction manual entitled Sam Pai Kenpo. It was published in 1982 by Unique Publications. It is out of print but if you are interested in acquiring an autographed copy from my personal library, please let me know.

     My second book, The Cosmic Warrior, was released in 2004. It is a martial arts adventure novel set in the 25th century. Interwoven are authentic 7 Winds Kenpo techniques along with my Christian worldview. Two orphans and a Princess band together to save their country from an impending evil that is permeating everything in this once peaceful land. It is available on Kindle. I am going to re-work this book. Changing the name to Beyond Shazandras, The Warriors of Chilandra will be book one. There will be a series of at least three in this series.

     My latest book, The 7 Secret Scrolls, is a historic Biblical prophecy novel. It concerns Revelation 10:3-4, the Seven Thunders prophecy. The only prophecy in the Bible that God has not revealed to mankind. The Book of Revelation is the Revelation of Jesus Christ given to John on the Isle of Patmos. Christ commands John to write down all that he sees and hears. If Christ tells you to write down everything, John did and the Seven Thunders prophecy as well, and then another voice commands you to seal up what you have written. Who has the authority to counter what Christ has told John? Only God the Father, in my mind. But an all-knowing God would have known that the Thunders were going to prophesy. He could have stopped them at any time... unless He wanted us to know the answer. 

     Come with our three young adventurers as they set out on a quest from a secret Christian Temple in Tibet to try to find the scrolls if they even exist. The story's sub-plot transports the reader to the magical Island of Maui. A teacher will take on a young neighbor boy as a student of Kenpo and the training will also contain 7 scrolls of truth, in which the boy must learn 13 Principles to develop his character as well the physical aspect of the art.

~Watch for the release of this latest adventure soon.~

     Another great love of mine is the martial arts, specifically 7 Winds Kenpo. This is an art I created in 2002 when my instructor, Grand Master Joe Dimmick of 3 Shields Kenpo, said that he had no more to teach me and that I was on my own. I had spent 36 wonderful years studying under him and was awarded my 10th Degree Black Belt in May of 1996. Of course, it didn't take him long to come out of retirement and come up with a new system but I was already set on my path. I have studied and taught since February 6, 1966 in the art of Kenpo and teach a select few students private lessons today. I have also studied botanical medicine (herbs) since January 1972 and had worked at a Chiropractic office for the past ten years, which has been such a great compliment to my martial arts training.