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Michael J. Perso​n​s

7 Winds Kenpo 10th Deg​ree Black Belt Grand Master

Author Of:

The 7 Secret Scrolls, 

Beyond Shazandras Series

Sam Pai Kenpo

The 7 Secret Scrolls


  There is only one prophecy in the Bible that God has not revealed to man, Revelation 10:3-4, the Seven Thunders Prophecy. Revelation is the Revelation of Jesus Christ given to John. Christ told John to write down all that you see and hear. John did this and when the Seven Thunders prophesied, he wrote it down. Then a voice from heaven said to seal it up and John did. Who has the authority to countermand what Christ told John to do? Only God the Father. He could have stopped them at any time but chose not to. One day will He want this prophecy to be revealed?

  Join our three travelers, from a Secret Christian Monastery in Tibet, on their quest to find the Seven Thunders Scrolls. Interwoven in this fictional story from Biblical prophecy is a modern-day twist that takes place on the island of Maui.     

  Follow the characters in the book as they search for the 

The 7 Secret Scrolls and how it applies to our lives today.     

           The 7 Secret Scrolls is available on Kindle

~Wat​ch For ​The Release Of~

The Beyond Shazandras Se​ries

Book One

The Warriors Of Chilandra

~Watch For The Release Of~

The Beyond Shazandras Series

Book Two

Sam Pai Kenpo

  • Sam Pai Kenpo is the art created by Grand Master Joseph Dimmick. This is the first and only instruction manual written on Sam Pai Kenpo. The book covers the first level from beginner, White Belt to Orange Belt. It contains all of the material you would need to progress to the first level, circa 1982. The system has gone through many changes and this book is the only one published on this Martial Arts Style.

~I have a limited number of this book in my personal library. 

~Contact me if you'd like to purchase and autographed copy for $100.00.